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Will you sell me a personal protection K9?2019-01-07T19:19:53-06:00

I do not pre-train dogs to sell as personal protection or security K9’s. The decision to purchase a personal protection K9 is a very important one and I believe that the process should be custom tailored to fit your individual needs and requirements.

For anyone interested in owning a personal protection K9 I can provide the following services:
-consultation services
-broker services
-custom sales (After a through interview process I will select a suitable K9, train it to your specifications, and provide you the appropriate training to handle and maintain the training, including a maintenance contract.)

Contact me today with your questions or to receive a quote.

Do you train or certify personal protection K9’s?2019-01-07T19:19:53-06:00

As a certifying official for the national DrugBeat organization I am proud to offer official personal protection K9 certifications. Certifications are a great way to show responsible dog ownership and proof of successful maintenance training. See my certifications page for complete information or checkout DrugBeat info at hornbecks.net

I can provide decoy services for maintenance training of your previously purchased personal protection dog.

I offer a custom personal protection dog purchase plan for those interested. Meeting with you to discuss your wants and needs I will then personally select and train a suitable dog to meet your needs and fit into your family or situation. Contact me for more information today.

Why should I choose you?2014-06-08T16:48:31-05:00

With literally thousands of professional educational training hours and real life experience training dogs I am committed to helping you and your dog achieve the best relationship possible.

Unlike other trainers and chain pet stores who offer training classes your private training sessions with me are scheduled to fit YOUR schedule. You can move as fast or as slow through the sessions as you like. Training sessions are designed to build upon skills learned during the previous sessions.

I provide training certifications through the American Kennel Club, DrugBeat National Organization, and Professional Law Enforcement Certifications through the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training.

I am also available after normal hours, on weekends, and will conduct training at a location that is convenient for you. Email, text, and phone follow ups are welcomed and encouraged.

How is your training different that the chain pet stores?2019-01-07T19:19:53-06:00

My training plans and methods are based on 15+ years of dog training experience. I am flexible enough to train with any methods you feel comfortable with and am qualified to present you with the pros and cons of each method.

My training sessions are private and scheduled around your schedule to assure that you can get the most benefit out of our trainings. I have training with several professional organizations and offer numerous certifications through these organizations.

There are very little requirements for a corporate employee to become a “trainer.” Most often they are hired, payed minimum wage, and their training consists of shadowing a senior employee for 2 weeks before they are allowed to train on their own. Corporate plans are rigid and trainers often will not or are not allowed to answer questions you may have it it does not fit the policies of the company. Employees receive bonuses for selling more trainings and products to you and are not concerned on whether the trainings and equipment is right for your needs.

My training represents me and I am committed to making sure that you are happy with your results. In other words I am personally invested in your training. No corporate training program can offer you that level of dedication.

Will you keep my dog and train him for me?2014-06-10T13:32:12-05:00

Boarding and Training packages are often requested by customers like yourself.  In most situations this is not the best training method for your dog.  In a boarding and training scenario your dog learns commands given to it by the trainer.  The dog learns to respect and obey the trainer.  The problem with this training is that when you get your dog back from a training program you neither know how it was trained nor do you know how to enforce commands and reinforce the education that it received.

Dogs return home and will revert back to the same behaviors they had prior to the training.  This results in an unhappy owner who often has spent a significant amount of money on the training program.  For this reason unless there are very extenuating circumstances I do not conduct board and train programs.

The only successful way to train is for the owner to be involved in every way and the dog learns to respect and obey the owner. The owner learns how to enforce commands and how to communicate with the dog during any behaviors or training objectives that you may have in the future.


What type of training equipment do you use?2014-06-10T05:33:18-05:00

Training equipment decisions are always discussed with you, the pet owner. You have a hands on involvement in the training and never are required to do anything you do not agree with or approve of.

There is no “across the board” answer to this question. At the first training session I provide a basic education of the training methods and proper use of available training equipment such as: slip collars, pinch collars, ecollars, martingale collars, flat collars, food rewards, etc.

It is my belief that you should be given a basic education on these items so that at anytime in the future you decide to use another available tool you will have a basic idea of the correct use, sizing, and technique so that any equipment can be used safely.

How long have you been training dogs?2014-06-10T05:33:51-05:00

I have been training and working with dogs for over 15 years. I have had the opportunity to travel to Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Indiana over the years to work with some of the best master trainers in the industry. I have thousands of hours of training and real life experience dealing with training and problem solving. I currently teach a Police K9 Handler Course that gives me the opportunity to train 30-50 police and other law enforcement related officers each year.

I currently work with dozens of dog owners just like you who have breeds ranging from the Great Dane to the miniature yorkie.

What is the Canine Good Citizen Certification?2019-01-07T19:19:53-06:00

The Canine Good Citizen or C.G.C. certification is offered through the American Kennel Club. It is a 10 part test that upon successful completion allows for your dog to be registered in the AKC database, receive additional certificates, and is a recognized AKC Title that can be added to a registered dogs papers. The program is not limited to registered dogs and is widely recognized in the dog community as a sign that your dog has good manners and is under your control.

The CGC is often a first step or requirement for additional training in the areas of service dog, therapy dog, or emotional support animals.

For more information on the American Kennel Club, the STAR Puppy program, the CGC program, or the Community Canine program visit the AKC website at www.akc.org/dogowner/training/canine_good_citizen/