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Tether Tug Malinois Tug Toy

If you are looking for a great toy for your GSD or Malinois puppy then I recommend the tethertug!  I am going to be getting 2 different models to bring out to club training soon!

Clay Smith, Clay's Top Dog

The malinois tug toy is here!

There are several ways to use this tug toy with many attachments available including fleece tugs, ropes, balls, tugs, etc.  This is a great toy for supervised play and will keep your dog busy and entertained.  I am going to be testing the Uber model soon to see how it works as a back tie as well.   I am really excited about testing out a few of these models at out club training with the different size dogs.

The Tether Tug is installed with a 14″ metal in ground base. Using a rubber mallet drive the metal base into the ground until the two holes at the top of the base are just above the ground.  If using a hammer, place a block of wood or other item on top of the base so it doesn’t deform during installation.   Now, insert the Tether Tug toy into the base.  The toy is now ready for play!

The pole slides into and out of the base to allow for mowing.  We recommend the base be installed deep into the ground to allow the mower to drive over it.


Tether Tug For All Sizes
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