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Welcome to the first step in owning a dog that is the envy of all the other dog owners!

With over 18 Years of Training and Experience, we are the right choice for you and your dog! Simply put, we provide you with the complete dog training solution.

My goal at Clay’s Top Dog is to teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog to achieve the types of behaviors you desire. I believe that all dogs and their owners can benefit from dog training and obedience training. Whether it is teaching basic obedience or applying behavior modification techniques to teach your dog how to be the well mannered companion that you have always wanted.

As in any healthy relationship you have to develop a proper foundation with your dog. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to first understand how your dog perceives you and the world around him.  Just like any relationship, it’s not only about the type of relationship you want to have, but also what type your dog is capable of having with you.

Get Real Dog Training Results Now

Dog Training Packages-I Am Dedicated To Your Success

No matter what your  Training Goals, I am committed to helping you achieve them and improving your relationship with your dog. Unlike other trainers or chain pet stores there is no Behavior Problems that I refuse to work with. I believe that Every Dog can learn to show the proper behavior and manners.

Training packages have been designed with the most common needs in mind.  I have 3 complete training package choices as well as numerous a la carte options for you to choose from.  If you would like a custom package put together to fit your specific needs please feel free to contact me

with the desired training and I will provide you a quote for the training plan.  In order to serve clients in other parts of the state who just can’t make it to central Arkansas I have travel fees set up for various locations around the state.  Travel fees are based on mileage and travel time.

Can you take your dog anywhere?  Clay and “Daryl”  Clay’s Top Dog Trained

Enough from you, let’s hear what your customers have to say?

I stand behind my training 100% and will provide additional references upon request.  Here are a few samples of previous client feedback.

We did one training with Clay and he did an amazing job with my two little yorkies! I could already see major improvement by day 2! Clay also gave us the skills we needed to be effective pack leaders for our dogs. I would highly recommend Clay’s Top Dog for all of your training needs!
Lorrie T, Yorkies
After only one session, Clay had helped me to where I felt comfortable walking my German Shepherd Koda around the neighborhood. We’ve had other basic training sessions also and I’ve been nothing but pleased with the progress. i think everyone would be happy using Clay’s Top Dog.
Kelly M, German Shepherd
Clay knows dogs! He also knows human nature in dealing with over-loved and under-disciplined pets. Charlie (my hyper Jack Russell) and I now enjoy our walks. Clay taught me to be calm and assertive as Charlie’s leader.
Illene S, Jack Russel

Just finished up our 4th session with Clay. I have recommended him to all of my friends with dogs. His control, knowledge, and excitement for what he is doing is amazing. My dog has been so receptive to him and how he trains. Highly recommend him!! You will NOT be disappointed!!

Destiny D., -

Frappie and I have had one session. I immediately liked everything he had to say and what he showed me. He knows what he is doing. Frappie and I will continue until we have the CGC certificate.

Pam. P, -

Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and great instructor. He was wonderful with our beagle and helpful in training us on how to work and interact with her!

Debra S., Beagle

My dog, Charlie, was with me outside in my garage while I am working on a project. Well, I was breaking apart a large broken picture frame.. the glass fell out and there was glass and shards everywhere. I had Charlie sit in place while I picked up broken pieces of glass, swept shards, and got out the shop vac to clean up all the rest. About 10 minutes of cleanup!

Man, I tell you this was a true, real life situation where I needed him to be still and not to MOVE! I didn’t want him stepping on any glass and getting hurt! He did perfect! Thank you so much for training ME so that I can train my dog!

Christine P.

Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and great instructor. He was wonderful with our beagle and helpful in training us on how to work and interact with her!

Debra S., Beagle

Lesson #2 and I’m more impressed than ever. Very informative. Gives you the theory behind the actions. Great with Maggie and Maggie’s owner (me).

Jan T.

Let me put thousands of hours of training, education, and experience to work for you!

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