Obedience Develops Daily not in a Day

//Obedience Develops Daily not in a Day

Obedience Develops Daily not in a Day

“Obedience develops daily, not in a day.” -Clay

After people watch me perform an obedience demo with one of my dogs I like to ask them how long they think I spend with my dog on training.  I typically get answers anywhere from 1 to 2 hours a day.  People are often shocked to learn that I might spend 1-2 hours a week total training.  1-2 hours a week training your dog is something we should all be able to meet.

To reach a high performance in obedience routines the owner must invest in the dog daily. Compounding results- small investments pay exponentially.

Neither you nor any trainer can train your dog in 7 or 8 one hour sessions. The secret to amazing results is to apply your obedience to your daily life and try to make all interaction with your dog an exercise in obedience. Make them look to your for permission before going outside, before coming inside, requiring permission before getting on furniture, or waiting patiently before being released to eat the meal or get their treat.  If you make permissive obedience the routine through all interactions with your dog you will begin to notice increasing levels of attention and performance.  When your dog is exposed to new distractions of stimulus you will notice them looking to you for permission to go check things out.

Repetition and consistency are the keys to success.

Before you know it you will be watching your dog do things before you ask for them, they will be waiting for that invitation to get on the furniture, or waiting by an open door waiting for you to give them permission to go outside.

It’s a communication change, a process. A process takes time. A process takes commitment. A process that will pay you a great reward in building your relationship.

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