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Who am I?

Anna Pool
Anna PoolTrainer
“Having a well-trained dog not only makes your life easier, it gives your dog a better life too.”

My name is Anna Pool. I have been training, working, and handling dogs competitively for over three years.

My training background is heavily focused in dog sports. I have trained dogs in tracking, obedience, and protection. I’ve trialed and titled dogs and I’m continuously preparing them for our next competition. I’ve attended seminars from various world level IPO Competitors/Trainers and learned a very wide range of training techniques.  When I am not training my own sport dogs I volunteer by assisting with temperament evaluations, transportation, and other fostering and training needs for a local dog rescue group that takes in dogs of all backgrounds. I do what I can to help give these dogs a new chance at life.

Over the past couple years I have had several people approach me to help them train their own dogs. I have a passion for helping others build the type of relationship that comes from establishing communication with their dog. Having a well-trained dog not only makes your life easier, it gives your dog a better life too.

  • Member High Point Schutzhund Club
  • Member DVG
    (Deutscher Verband der Gebrauchshundsportvereine)
  • Member AWMA
    (American Working Malinois Association)

It is my belief that to train any dog you must also train its owner. The basis of all training revolves around effective communication. To ensure success, one must be able to relay accurately what is desired of the dog.

I met Clay through dog sports and have watched him work dogs he owned personally as well as assist others in their dog training journey. His effectiveness to communicate to not only the dogs but also to their handlers inspired me to become a part of his training team.