Police K9 Activity Tracking Excel Template

//Police K9 Activity Tracking Excel Template

Police K9 Activity Tracking Excel Template


K9 Unit Tracking File created in Microsoft Excel.  Will allow you to enter data for traffic stops, utilizations, seizures, K9 training time, Proficiency assessments, public demonstrations, officer daily activity.  The simple data entry tab allows for the consistent entry of data and calculation of all values automatically.  The document can be utilized over the course of the dog’s career.  Allowing a handler or department to measure the return and value the dog brings to the department and community.

Please watch the instructional youtube video that is a walk through of the features and explains what items you are able to customize for your use.

***This is a digital file with immediate download.  Upon purchase you will receive a download link on the confirmation screen AND via email to download your file.***

From the download link you will receive a zip file containing 2 files.  The K9 Officer file and the K9 Supervisor file.

Please contact me with questions, issues, or suggestions.

This document is designed to provide K9 unit statistics and record keeping.  You must have excel.  This will work on PC and MAC. Please note, the files are macro enabled and you will be prompted the first time you open it to allow macros.  Please allow macros and trust the document.  You can save this file on a network location that is accessible from all your computers if your agency is set up that way.  You may also save it to one computer or keep it on a flash drive. It works just like a standard excel file.

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K9 Activity and Utilizations Tracking File v2

Searching for a way to compile your Police K9 utilization and training statistics? After years of working on K9 unit document tracking I created this excel file to simplify your statistics and record keeping. This document allows for you to gather statistics for K9 Officer Traffic stops, K9 Utilizations, Training information, Public Demonstrations, K9 Officer Daily Activity, and K9 team seizure statistics including weights and street value. Document is available at: https://www.claystopdog.com/product...