Do you train or certify personal protection K9’s?

/Do you train or certify personal protection K9’s?

Do you train or certify personal protection K9’s?

As a certifying official for the national DrugBeat organization I am proud to offer official personal protection K9 certifications. Certifications are a great way to show responsible dog ownership and proof of successful maintenance training. See my certifications page for complete information or checkout DrugBeat info at

I can provide decoy services for maintenance training of your previously purchased personal protection dog.

I offer a custom personal protection dog purchase plan for those interested. Meeting with you to discuss your wants and needs I will then personally select and train a suitable dog to meet your needs and fit into your family or situation. Contact me for more information today.

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Owner/Trainer at Clay's Top Dog | 15+ Year Law Enforcement Officer | 12+ Year Police K9 Handler | Certified Law Enforcement Instructor | State of Arkansas K9 Certifying Official | DrugBeat National Certifying Official | Instructor at Little Rock K9 Academy | Serves on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the Conway Animal Shelter 501(c)(3) F.O.C.A.S.

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