Will you keep my dog and train him for me?

/Will you keep my dog and train him for me?

Will you keep my dog and train him for me?

Boarding and Training packages are often requested by customers like yourself.  In most situations this is not the best training method for your dog.  In a boarding and training scenario your dog learns commands given to it by the trainer.  The dog learns to respect and obey the trainer.  The problem with this training is that when you get your dog back from a training program you neither know how it was trained nor do you know how to enforce commands and reinforce the education that it received.

Dogs return home and will revert back to the same behaviors they had prior to the training.  This results in an unhappy owner who often has spent a significant amount of money on the training program.  For this reason unless there are very extenuating circumstances I do not conduct board and train programs.

The only successful way to train is for the owner to be involved in every way and the dog learns to respect and obey the owner. The owner learns how to enforce commands and how to communicate with the dog during any behaviors or training objectives that you may have in the future.


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