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You must be a member of PSA to compete in trials.  you can obtain your membership the day of the trial.  membership can be obtained at the cost of $65.00 for a 1 year membership.  Handlers must also bring their scorebook on the day of trial and present it at registration.  If you are joining PSA the cost for a new scorebook is $10.00 and the fee for a replacement scorebook is $35.00.

By placing this order online you agree and certify that you are making this entry for yourself and that you are participating in the trial at your own risk and agree to the following:

I agree and understand that serious accidents can and do occur during dog training. competitions , and other dog related events and activities.  I am assuming all risk liabilities and responsibilities and will hold harmless PSA K9, Clay’s Top Dog, Top Dog K9, their agents, partners, members, and employees from any and all liability arising from this dog-related event and practice training.  I also agree to hold harmless any of the above mentioned from property damage, theft, death or personal injury to my dog or myself.

I also agree to have complete control and responsibility over my dog and myself at all times.  By placing this order I acknowledge that I have read and understand the trial waiver and read and understand all PSA rules that govern trials.  There will be no refunds given to any hander that has been ejected from tis trial for any reason.  In addition, I agree and give consent to any representative of PSA K9, Clay’s Top Dog, Top Dog K9 to take pictures of the events and activities surrounding the events, and that said pictures shall be the sole and exclusive property of Clay’s Top Dog for any use or distribution at their sole discretion.  Further I release any rights to any videos or photographs taken by Top Dog K9, Clay’s Top Dog.