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Take a proactive approach to substance abuse

Drug Dog for Hire

Now you and your company can take a PROACTIVE approach to drug use and abuse on your property or home.  Clay’s Top Dog and associates offers a confidential private drug detection services (drug dog for hire) for vehicle, residential, school, business, corporation, and job sites.  We do not use retired or washed out dogs.  All of our dogs are trained to meet or exceed national law enforcement drug detection standards.

Our dogs are trained to detect the odors of marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy), and heroin.  Dogs are capable of locating the source of narcotic odor even if the drugs have been recently removed, used, destroyed, or relocated.  Even though we do not specifically train our dogs to locate prescription narcotics they will often show interest in an area where larger quantities are located.

Our handlers will arrive at your location in discreet unmarked vehicles.  Searches can be scheduled anytime to best suit you or your companies needs assuring that you are in control of who knows (or doesn’t know) that a search has been conducted.  Our dogs are efficient in searching houses, apartments, warehouses, offices, dorm rooms, parking lots, job sites, or other common areas.  Dogs employed by Clay’s Top Dog and associates are trained to provide a passive, non-destructive or disturbing, alert without causing damage to personal property.

Being a private company we are not conducting searches at your home or facility as law enforcement officers would.  In the event of an alert by our trained detection dogs YOU will be advised of the area of the alert and YOU will decide how to proceed.  This gives you the opportunity to handle the situation without the intervention of police, the court system, the department of human services, or the media.

Drugs in the workplace

The use of illicit drugs, and the abuse of prescription and over-the-counter drugs affects the ability of an individual to function, learn, or to do a job.  By decreasing the number of employees who report to work under the influence or bring drugs to your place of business you can decrease workers compensation claims, absenteeism, employee theft, and workplace accidents.  Increase employee morale.

Don’t wait until a major accident, that results in a denied insurance claim due to a positive drug screen, to learn that an employee is bringing or using drugs at work.

Businesses that are affected by substance abuse. 93%
Illicit drug users who are employed. 70%
Adults who know someone who has gone to work under the influence. 60%
Contribute to employee theft. 40%
Responsible for workplace injuries. 35%
Absenteeism cased by illicit drug use. 35%

Parents and School Administrations

Schools can arrange random or single visit plans to any or all campuses district wide.  With years of experience we can work with you on creating a plan or policy for your district to handle searches.  The main benefit of random searches provides a strong deterrent for the bringing of drugs onto your campus.  We have an obligation to our children to do everything in our power to protect them from dangerous drugs.  

Parents who are concerned their teens might be experimenting with drugs can have the piece of mind having a detection dog search your home or vehicles to ensure there is no evidence of drug use in your home.  Parents can elect to conduct these searches when no one is in the home so that the search and result stays with them and they decide who knows about it.

High School Student who reported seeing drugs used, sold, or stored on campus. 85%
Teens in treatment programs say they used 2 years before parents knew. 50%
12th graders used last month. 23%

Each detection visit is custom tailored to your individual needs. Prices will be quoted based on size or area, number of dog teams needed, and frequency of searches.
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