Impact High Anxiety Crate

//Impact High Anxiety Crate

Impact High Anxiety Crate

Designed to prevent self-harm, escape, and protect your pet
High-grade .080″ American Aluminum and handcrafted in the USA
Lightweight & Strong: tough to handle determined chewers, but 20% lighter than crates of similar design
IATACompliant, safe and secure for travel
LIfetime guarantee plus additional 2-year Dog Damage Warranty: No question asked: free part replacements
High Anxiety dog crate is constructed of high grade .080″ American Aluminum and thoroughly finished with a non-toxic powder-coating for a corrosion-resistant shield. We exclusively work with high-quality materials and the most reliable components to provide your pet with unparalleled protection, comfort, and safety – for life.

The Aluminum’s lightweight, non-porous structure makes this crate practical for carrying, tough enough to handle determined chewers, and 20% lighter than crates of similar design.

Unlike thick plastic material, the combination of Aluminum’s low heat capacity with a durable layer of Gray powder-coat, helps to reflect heat away from your pet on warm days.

Smaller air holes and closely placed door bars are designed to help prevent chewing, and surpasses ventilation specifications to allow plenty of airflow.

The High Anxiety crate is our only product with a 2-year, Dog Damage Warranty. No questions asked- free replacement parts, or even crate replacement, is provided within this timespan. Meaning, if your dog damages a part on the crate causing a malfunction or compromising safety of the crate, those parts will be replaced for free.

We hand-craft every dog crate here in the United States in our own state-of-the-art facility to guarantee exceptional workmanship that will last a lifetime.

The crate is available in sizes 300, 400, 450, 500, 600, and 700, for small/medium sized dog breeds up to extra large breeds.

High anxiety crate is shipped assembled. Please measure doorways before making your purchase to ensure your new crate will fit through doors.

This crate is IATA Compatible for uncomplicated airline travel. To adapt to the restrictions set forward by the IATA, we have specially designed the Impact Door Guard to conveniently attach to your crate for full IATA compliance.


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